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Mid-year exams are just around the corner ... yup, it's that time of the year again. So many mixed emotions, some filled with confidence and some with anxiety.
Whether you are confident or stressed out, a little gift from a friend, parent or a fellow student always seems to warm the heart knowing that you have someone who wants the best for you. 
You have gone through a lot to get this far - from lockdowns, homeschooling, online classes, interrupted learning, covid screening, wearing face masks in school.  What a very strange time to be a student.

So, today we’re going to focus on a few gift ideas to say, "Good luck in your exams, keep going with your revision, you’ve got this !!!"

I'm sure you know of someone who deserves a treat to keep them going.  So, we’ve sorted through a few of our products and put together our top 10 gift ideas to suit anyones budget. 


1.  SHERPA BLANKET HOODIES are a great gift to send your "warm wishes" and keeping your favorite student warm and cozy while studying late into the cold nights of winter.

 2. VITAMIN C BRIGHTENING FACE MASK SHEET Help them feel fresh and confident.  Self Care is a great, fun way to relieve stress during a study break. The Skin Republic Vitamin C Brightening Face Mask Hydrates and revitalises the skin to reveal a radiant and luminous complexion. 

 3. GOOSENECK TABLET HOLDER The perfect high quality gadget, allowing you to be hands-free when you're reading, watching online lessons, zoom meetings etc.  

 4. ANTI-BLUE LIGHT GLASSES "Save your tears for another day !"  We live in the digital age and we are always surrounded by screens. These screens emit blue light which can be quite detrimental to our health. These light framed glasses are perfect for when you're working on your computer, or tablet.  Our glasses filter out the harmful blue light and let the good wavelengths through, allowing you to focus on your studies.


 5. LUXURY BATH SALTS  Soothe, soak and savour.  After a tough day of studying, unwind with our Lavender or Rose fragranced salts with Lavender buds or Rose Petals in a beautiful 800g core. A choice of Rose or Lavender infused Luxury Bath Salts.

 6. JENAM INSPIRE - AROMATIC CANDLE Aromatic Candle with a beautiful inspiring message. A beautiful gift with a gorgeous aromatic scent of Orchid.  The Candle is in a glass holder with pretty heart print and is packaged in a grey box with the inspirational words embossed in gold on the front. The aroma that carries throughout the room will give your space a dual cozy and classy vibe.

 7. A5 SPIRAL NOTEBOOK WITH STICKY NOTES AND PEN  We travel lightly during exam time and this little A5 Spiral Notebook With Sticky Notes and Pen is perfect for memos, meeting notes, class notes, diary entries, important reminders. Very handy to have with you at all times. The perfect gift for kids, students, teachers, and adults. 

 8. JENAM SENTIMENTS - HEART KEYRINGS  A beautiful and meaningful  gorgeous gift item, each with a special message for the recipient. This heart-shaped enamel keyring features a choice of 10 different inspiring messages for you to choose from. 

 9. O2 TO GO - Water bottles. Stay Hydrated with one of these stylish O2 to Go BPA free, stainless steel water bottles - Water on the move - don't leave home without it !!!


We absolutley LOVE these gorgeous piggy banks. Great value for money (Yes, we just did that ! )

And while your piggy is looking great in your bedroom, it is also the perfect place to keep your pocket money safe during exams and save it for the up and coming holidays !


BE KIND - It’s always nice to wish someone “good luck” before an exam.  I'm sure you know of someone who deserves a treat to keep them going.  And what better way than with a heart warming gift to show them that you care.  

All of these gifts symbolise good fortune and are sure to make a loved one feel incredibly blessed.

All products of the above are available online at 


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