Slab of Seeds - Coriander

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Our 'Slab of Seed' is a unique invention crafted from a specially formulated blend of organic-rich super-soil. It is imbued with the highest quality heirloom seed, courtesy of veteran farmers worldwide. The slab's water retention capacity is 3x that of its planted soil, making it easy to plant and space. Furthermore, the extra soil pro-biotics maximize the growth and flavor of the yielded crop. This Slab of Seed will grow you a delicious heirloom* variety of Coriander (*Heirloom seed is the purest & oldest seed on earth – read below why I chose this delicious variety)

  • SPROUTS IN: 12 – 14 days
  • HARVEST IN: 6 weeks
  • PICK FOR: 8+ weeks
  • GROWS ‘SOW’ MUCH: 5 block slab – 1 block yields  = 800g+ coriander 

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