Slab of Seed - Lemongrass

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Slab of Seed - Lemongrass is Expertly crafted from a unique blend of organic super-soil and high-quality Heirloom seeds, the 'Slab of Seed' is a revolutionary gardening invention. Its water-retaining properties allow for 3x longer watering intervals, while the added pro-biotics enrich the growth and flavor of your plants. This slab is specifically designed to grow a flavorful variety of Lemongrass, known for its purity and historical significance as the oldest seed on earth.

  • SPROUTS IN: 12 – 20 days
  • HARVEST IN: 14 – 16 weeks
  • PICK FOR: 8+ weeks
  • GROWS ‘SOW’ MUCH: 5 block slab – 1 block yields  = 4Kg+ stalks

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