'Busy Bee Start-a-Garden' Gift Box

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Crafted with care, our 'Busy Bee Start-a-Garden' Gift Box contains all the necessary ingredients for cultivating your very own flavorful paradise. The innovative 'Slab of Seed' is a unique creation made from a blend of premium, organically enriched super-soil, and infused with exceptional Heirloom seeds handpicked from skilled farmers across the globe. Due to its superior quality, the slab retains water three times longer than regular soil, allows for easy planting and spacing, and is packed with natural probiotics that enhance the growth and taste of your harvest. (*Discover the history behind our choice of these pure and ancient seeds below.)


  • 4 x Slab of Seed – Kiddie Veggies – Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red Spinach, Gooseberries
  • 4 x Plant Markerswooden
  • 4 x Planting Potsbiodegradable 
  • 1l Potting soilwith added soil-biotics 
  • PICK FOR: 6+ weeks
  • GROWS ‘SOW’ MUCH: 4 x 3 block slabs – 1 block  = 1 Plant

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