Slab of Seed - Salad Flowers

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Our revolutionary product, 'Slab of Seed - Salad Flowers', is handmade with a carefully crafted mix of organic-rich super-soil and Heirloom seed from experienced growers across the globe. The slab retains water up to three times more than its surrounding soil, simplifying planting and spacing, and the added soil probiotics maximize growth and flavor.This Slab of Seed will grow you 3 delicious heirloom* salad flowers varieties: Bouquet Dill – Star-flower Borage – Viola (*Heirloom seed is the purest & oldest seed on earth – read below why I chose these delicious varieties)

  • SPROUTS IN: 10 – 16 days
  • HARVEST IN: 8 – 12 weeks
  • PICK FOR: 8+ weeks
  • GROWS ‘SOW’ MUCH: 12 block slab – 1 block yields  = 100+ flowers

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