Large Hair Claw Clips

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Ideal for daily use, these Large Hair Claw Clips provide a firm grip perfect for washing the face, prepping for the day, applying makeup, cooking, and keeping hair out of the water when showering. Suitable for all types of hair, from thin to thick to curly to fine, this hair accessory can be worn to create a variety of casual or semi-formal styles and works great for women of all ages. Constructed with soft grips and durable quality materials, these clips securely hold hair in place while providing no-ouch comfort.

Made of high-quality pastel plastic acrylic material and strong metal spring.

These large hair claw clips boast exceptional flexibility, ease of use, and durability, making them highly resistant to breakage. Thanks to their non-slip design, they can secure a firm hold on your hair without slipping or causing damage.

Product Size & Colour: 11×4.7×5cm.

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